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February Ride

Join us tonight at the Mock Crest Tavern (3435 N. Lombard Street) to celebrate Galentine’s Day and get ready to roll through town with our friends.


At midnight, we ride,






January Ride

Your leader says, “I have a temptation to call for harmonicas, kazoos, and hand percussion. People bring electrics…as long as we keep moving I’d enjoy that kind of noise.” So let’s not disappoint! Bring your noisemakers for extra new years merriment. Also, he recommends that you ride a bike with gears and would like to remind you that MMRs don’t do beer/snack stops, so stock up before you head over — you’ll want some treats at the end.

Meet at Roadside Attraction (1000 SE 12th) and enjoy one of the best patios in town.  Bring cash to support this local establishment.

At midnight, we ride!



December Ride

December’s ride meets at Community Supported Brewing’s scene workshop at 709 NE 74th Ave.  It’ll be a dry night hovering above freezing, but you won’t be cold for long!  We’ll stop for beer and land cozy, warm, and fed outdoors.

Be sure to head to the start location early so you can enjoy some homebrew with your leader!

At midnight, we ride…



November Ride

We’re meeting at Pix Patisserie (2225 E Burnside).

There’s outdoor seating, but the covered section is also the smoking section.

There’s no service outside – order from the bar.

Last call is at 11:30pm.

Come prepared for a socially paced ride of 8 to 12 miles with a couple of social, not shopping, stops. There is a Plaid Pantry a couple of blocks away – SE corner of 20th and Burnside, as well as other fun bars nearby.

At midnight, we ride!



October Ride – Friday the 13th Edition!

Tonight’s ride meets at the Sandy Hut:  1430 NE Sandy Blvd

The rain is supposed to stop around 9:00 PM.

It’s Friday the 13th, so your leaders have sent this warning — “Be prepared to get creeped the heck out!”

The end spot will be nice and warm.

Freakbike pace.

It’s the HALLOWEEN ride, so dress up if you dare…

Also, your leader tonight is cousins with the December leader and the November leader gave up his spot this month so this month’s leader could have it because he’s sooooo excited about it being both Friday the 13th and Halloween month.  So we guess what we’re trying to say is — we’re all one big, awesome, creative, bikey family and we’re thrilled as heck that you all worked together to get the next three months to be as awesome as possible.

Rock on.


At midnight, we ride…



September Ride

Who doesn’t love a bar with a semi truck busting through the side of the wall?

Join us at Sloan’s Tavern, the awesomely close-in bar you pass on the corner of Russell and Vancouver.

Meet us at 36 N Russell.

At midnight, we ride.



August Ride


The ride starts at The Know WHICH HAS MOVED, so don’t head to Alberta lookin’ for the MMR…  Instead, go to 3728 NE Sandy Blvd.  Stay out of the street before hand by meeting in front of the adjacent dispensary.

At midnight, we ride,