it’s not easy to catch good photos during the ride and at the ending location because


we ride at midnight.

but sometimes we get lucky.

if you snap a decent photo, send it to team midnight via email:

and we’ll post the photo here!

here’s an image from the 2011 may mmr:

3 responses to “photos

  1. i came to the 1221 bar on vancouver hoping to go for a ride, (my first mmr.)…and by ride i mean…at least a couple of’s the middle of summer, the weather was grand…a full moon, what more could i ask for? riding only 3? miles to swan island, done with riding at 12:35-40am..geez.. granted i’m all about the ride and have no interest in the drinking/ partying scene, so i’m sure i’m way on the fringe here…i just love to ride at night with others…for me it’s about being with others riding…the feeling of connection i experience being with others sharing the ride. are other rides longer?

  2. then go on obra to find your rides….er…i think you mean training sessions.

  3. Great photo. This sounds more like a drinking event than a cycling event. I definitely enjoy a good beverage with fun people, but some of us find cycling for an hour or two at a leisurely rate fun, not “training”. No reason to get snarky about it, bear cub. 🙂

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