July Ride – Friday the 13th Edition

Jason/Friday the 13th Horror Theme!

Your leader encourages you to dress your “Jason Vorhees best.” Think… hockey masks. He also kindly requests, “Scary music only on the ride, no party musics or dubstep til the end spot.” Give a man his horror music!!

Meet at the Chill N’ Fill on 5215 N Lombard.

Bring yer growlers to get filled up for the end spot. Alternatively, buy one from the business and fill ‘er up! No beer stop cuz the start point IS THE BEER STOP!

Please note, Chill N’ Fill does close promptly at midnight, so get there early or ON TIME!

Also, please note — the start location does not have food, but you can order next door at Cha Cha Cha! and bring it in.

The route itself will be roughly 8 miles. All bikes accessible ride, no massive hill climbs.

If you have a cargo bike of any sort (trailers, included), please bring a pallet or wood, if possible.

At midnight, we ride…



Pedalpalooza Ride

Tonight’s ride will be the largest of the year.
If you’re a regular rider, please be on your best behavior; Go inside of the establishment prior to the ride to support them (there’s even a back patio!), ride with traffic in the streets, leave no trace at the end, etc…  Please also help us kindly cork the streets.
New riders — Welcome!  Please charge your phones, dust off your maps, pump up your tires, grab your front and back lights (set them to “steady” mode), and read the info below.  It’s gonna be a good night…
We ride 12 months out of the year on the second Friday of the month. We are the longest-rollin’ nighttime ride in Portland, Oregon.
Each month a new leader picks an establishment to meet at. We go inside, support the bar, and then at midnight we ride off to a mystery destination, following the leader into the dark.
::Tips for Riders::
1. Lighten up
2. Dress for the weather
3. We never said it was safe
::Criteria for Ride::
1. Must be a destination where we can sit, relax, hang
2. Should be within 5 miles of meeting point
3. Meeting point should be accessible, inexpensive, and should serve alcohol
4. Unexpected and little known destinations are encouraged
5. There must be reasonable shelter from the rain
6. Rides occur on the second Friday of the month
Want to lead one of your own in the future? Contact us today to reserve your month!
It’s a little difficult to find, so just think — SE 56th and Foster.
When you find the place, please lock up your bike, and head inside.  There are games, a photo booth, well priced drinks, decent food, a back patio, etc.  Just be sure to be out and on your bike at the stroke of midnight, because we’ll leave you if you’re not ready to pedal.
At midnight, we ride.
Team Midnight

May Ride

Tonight you’ll be following the guy with two shirts sewn together.

Bring firewood if you can. Even one piece would be appreciated.

Meet at EastBurn – 1800 E Burnside.

Don’t forget — next month is the Pedalpalooza MMR.  We’ll need all of the regulars to be ready to cork and otherwise show people how we do it.
At midnight, we ride!


April Ride

Pull out your camping gear — this Friday the 13th we’re heading to a place to sleep under the stars.

Meet at Kay’s Bar:  6903 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202

At midnight, we ride.



March Ride

We’re excited to announce that this month’s leader is new and she is STOKED.  She picked Black Water Bar (835 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232) as a place to meet, which is a great venue.  Let’s show up en masse and see where she takes us!

We have leaders lined up for the next few months, but would love to get you on the calendar.  Interested in taking the reins for an upcoming ride?  Send us a message.


At midnight, we ride.





February Ride

Join us tonight at the Mock Crest Tavern (3435 N. Lombard Street) to celebrate Galentine’s Day and get ready to roll through town with our friends.


At midnight, we ride,





January Ride

Your leader says, “I have a temptation to call for harmonicas, kazoos, and hand percussion. People bring electrics…as long as we keep moving I’d enjoy that kind of noise.” So let’s not disappoint! Bring your noisemakers for extra new years merriment. Also, he recommends that you ride a bike with gears and would like to remind you that MMRs don’t do beer/snack stops, so stock up before you head over — you’ll want some treats at the end.

Meet at Roadside Attraction (1000 SE 12th) and enjoy one of the best patios in town.  Bring cash to support this local establishment.

At midnight, we ride!