Follow the mystery leader to a fun mystery destination.

This ride happens every 2nd Friday.

Tonight meet us at Alberta Park (NW corner of the park, near the ball field at Ainsworth and NE 19th).

This ride will be the largest of the year.

If you’re a regular rider, please be on your best behavior; Ride with traffic in the streets, leave no trace at the end (in fact… feel free to bring a trash bag because there’s already some trash onsite…), keep the music down through neighborhoods, give people 6 feet of room while riding and hanging, etc…  Please also help us kindly cork the streets.

New riders — Welcome!  Please charge your phones, dust off your maps, pump up your tires, grab your front and back lights (set them to “steady” mode), and bring whatever you need to be comfortable (rain coat? beverage? friend?).  It’s gonna be a good night…

We ride 12 months out of the year on the second Friday of the month. We are the longest-rollin’ nighttime ride in Portland, Oregon.

Each month a new leader picks a place to meet at. At midnight we ride off to a mystery destination, following the leader into the dark.

At midnight, we ride!


May Ride

This month’s leader is a lady and IT’S HER FIRST TIME LEADING AN MMR, so come out and show some support.

Ride meets at Woodstock Park (SE 47th Ave & Steele St, Portland, OR 97206) near the playground.

We saw the news, too, but we still ask that you wear a mask when gathering near others.

At Midnight, we ride!


April Ride

Whoops! We forgot to post here last month prior to the ride… if we had, you would have seen this message:

Meet on the outdoor stage in the center of Concordia University’s campus — unless they kick us out, then meet us on Holman at NE 29th. Thin tires not recommended. Please keep bumpin’ sound systems during the ride to a minimum. Fire at end spot possible (but leader isn’t bringing wood…) 

Turns out they didn’t kick us out and the ride was awesome. We rode through alley ways, parks, and along a ridge overlooking the Columbia River until we got to a wild little park just on the other side of 82nd Ave, where we did a quick gravel ride and then sat listening to frogs and sharing stories of past MMRs.


March Ride

Your ride leader has been thoughtfully building a route that will work for all bike types. They recently test rode the route and are excited to take you on a snow-free MMR!

Meet at Ladd Circle (SE 16th Avenue and Harrison Street).

Masks on.

At midnight, we ride!


February Ride


Dig out your sled, dust off your fat tire bike, clean out that thermos, and meet us at Irving Park (707 NE Fremont).

Masks on, please.

At midnight, we ride!


Lead a Ride!

We still have some open slots to lead rides this year. Interested in joining Team Midnight as a leader in 2021? Send us a message today at

Leading an MMR is easy — find an outdoor place to start, ride us along a fun route, and take us to an outdoor location to hang at a distance. No need to have ever led a ride before, and we do the promoting for you.


January Ride

Meet at Colonel Summers Park (SE Belmont St. & SE 20th Ave.) at the tennis courts.

Bring a mask or get one from Team Midnight. Keep your mask on while you’re riding, while you’re talking, and while you have anyone in your 6′ bubble.

And, if you haven’t already, drop us a line — we’re still seeking ride leaders for 2021.

At midnight, we ride!


December Ride

In the last few years the Dec. MMR has had 12-25 people.  Expecting low turnout due to it raining all day, and COVID-19 raging.

An adventure in December always, tonight we meet under the east side of the Hawthorne bridge near the drinking fountains and fire department facility.  Bring lots of lights and music for this utterly moist outside ride.  Overdress or shiver!

If you’ve had contagious illness symptoms of any kind whatsoever in the last 48 hrs, please respectfully skip this ride. COVID-19 is a serious threat in Portland, especially tonight.  All riders need to acknowledge this and assume that every other rider around them does NOT want to be exposed to any form of germ transmission FROM you.

To do this:

* Give plenty of space on the road in all directions to other riders, especially in front of you.

* Bring a mask or get one from the ride leader, there will be plenty available.

* Keep your mask on while you’re riding, while you’re talking, and while you have anyone in your 6′ bubble

* Never cough or sneeze or blow snot into the air that other people will be riding through.  Cover that shit up, and then don’t touch anybody.

* BYOB and CUP, snacks.

The rain should stop just in time for the ride.  Thank you for accepting these insane circumstances, and for looking after the health of your community members.


November Ride – Friday the 13th

Today we’re meeting at Oregon Park (NE Oregon St & Northeast 30th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232).

Masks required. If you have a few extra, unused ones, please consider bringing them for those who forget their face coverings.

At midnight, we ride!


October Ride

Meet at Irving Park (707 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212) near the baseball diamond.

And no store stop, so bring anything you may want to consume with you.

Social distancing, masks, and don’t come if you feel sick.

At midnight, we ride!