July Midnight Mystery Ride

Start location: The Lovejoy Fountain is in the center of a Superblock bordered by SW 4th, SW Harrison, SW 1st and SW Lincoln. It can be accessed by any of the pedestrian trails leading in between the buildings. There are apartment buildings and condos all around. Please DO NOT play music at the start location. Please let people know the start location differs from what was printed in the Willamette Week in June.

About the ride: July MMR is a birthday celebration for longboarder Patrick (1996-2021) who died in a freak accident last August. There will be multiple outdoor stops at places he frequented for beverages, fun and games. There will be a store stop. Surfaces will be as good as Portland can manage with an end spot close to a MAX line. Skate and fixie focussed, but all self propelled modes welcome. Let us celebrate the diversity of our community in memorial!

The first half will ride close in, beer stop, then play stop.

Second half will have more distance, but still mostly good surfaces and long board/fixed friendly.

Then there will be a second park/store stop (sadly there are no 24 grocery stores anymore) before the end location which is near a MAX for early morning return.

June Ride

Follow the mystery leader to a fun mystery destination.

This ride happens every month on the 2nd Friday.

This month we meet at Laurelhurst Park (east side of the pond, near César E. Chávez Blvd) on June 10th. This month’s leader stepped up and led a ride this past winter when the scheduled leader had to bail due to the WORST WEATHER WE’VE EVER HAD for an MMR. The planned leader couldn’t even bike down their driveway due to the massive amount of snow and ice. So this hero showed up last minute on their fat tire bike and lived to tell the tale. This month’s ride will be much more pleasant, even if it does drizzle a bit. Trust us.

This ride will be the largest of the year.

If you’re a regular rider, please be on your best behavior; Ride with traffic in the streets, leave no trace at the end (in fact… feel free to bring a trash bag because there’s already some trash onsite…), keep the music down through neighborhoods, give people 6 feet of room while riding and hanging, etc…  Please also help us kindly cork the streets.

New riders — Welcome!  Please charge your phones, dust off your maps, pump up your tires, grab your front and back lights (set them to “steady” mode), and bring whatever else you need to be comfortable (rain coat? beverage? friend?).  It’s gonna be a good night…

We ride 12 months out of the year on the second Friday of the month. We are the longest-rollin’ nighttime ride in Portland, Oregon. Heck… maybe in the world!

Each month a new leader picks a place to meet at and plans a route. Then we meet and ride off to a mystery destination, following the leader into the dark.

At midnight, we ride!


May Ride

Tonight’s ride meets at Evan’s bottle shop, Bottles and Cans at 5916 N Greeley Ave, Portland, OR 97217.

Come around back to find us.

At midnight, we ride.


April Ride

Tonight we meet at Oregon Park (NE Oregon St & Northeast 30th Avenue).

At midnight, we ride.


March Ride

This Friday’s ride starts at Bloomington Park (SE Steele St & SE 100th Ave, Portland, OR 97266).

Your leader encourages you to wear hiking boots and bring extra layers.

At midnight, we ride.


Call for New Leaders

Hello, lovers of midnight.

We have THREE unclaimed months in 2022. If you are interested in leading a ride this year, here are the open dates:




Criteria for Ride:
• Must be a destination where we can sit, relax, and hang
• Should be within 5 miles of meeting point (does not mean ride has to be less than 5 miles long…)
• Meeting point should have ample outdoor gathering space
• Unexpected and little known destinations are encouraged
• There should be reasonable shelter from the rain

Tips for Organizers:
• Contact midnightmysteryridePDX [at] gmail.com to say you’re interested in leading a ride and state desired months in order of preference
• Once verified that no one else is already organizing a ride for your preferred month, scout your destination and plan a smart, fun route
• Shhhh… riders should not know where they’re going till they get there
• Make it fun and have fun doing it

Anyone can lead a ride and new ride leaders highly encouraged. If you’ve never led a ride before, let us know when you reach out! We are happy to offer further tips and support.

At the end of 2022, we’ll drop the names of everyone who led a ride this year, and we’ll pull a name. The person chosen will have the opportunity to lead the June MMR in 2023!

At midnight, we ride.


February Ride

Tonight we meet at Piccolo Park (between SE 27th and SE 28th, just south of SE Division).

Maybe we’ll go check out some lights around town?

At midnight, we ride.


January Ride

Tonight we’re meeting at Kenilworth Park (SE Holgate & SE 34th) at the NW corner of the playground.

Thank your leader who stepped up last minute to lead when we didn’t hear back from the scheduled leader…

If you’d like to take on a ride this year, we’d love to hear from you. We have a few months left and would very much like to get some reliable leaders lined up now…


December Ride

Tonight’s leader says she has a fun route planned with lots of parks, a supply stop, and an end spot under shelter. There is a good chance it will rain, so everyone should bring rain gear.

Gather at Dawson Park (1 N Stanton, between N Vancouver and N Williams).

At midnight (sharp!), we ride.


November Ride

From this month’s ride leader:


This will be a noob’s first time leading a MMR and I must admit I’m stoked! Loved the number of times I’ve participated in rides in the past and I’m honored to lead this one. This ride is starting from the SW Park blocks at the fountain in Shemanski Park near the Art Museum. Given some fairly good hills on the way to the mystery spot, this ride’s maybe a little bit shorter to the destination than past rides, approximately 5.3 miles.

I would like to make a short announcement prior to departing about a point in the ride where it would be preferable to shut off sound systems briefly when turning down the last street before getting to the mystery spot where they could then be turned back on again once reaching the destination. The announcement is simply to show the drawn sign I will have with me I’ll be waving in the air to signify when to cut the sound systems and a couple other safety precautions.

Let’s remember to do our best to keep masked up! Let’s have fun and keep safe!

At midnight, we ride!