November Ride – Friday the 13th

Today we’re meeting at Oregon Park (NE Oregon St & Northeast 30th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232).

Masks required. If you have a few extra, unused ones, please consider bringing them for those who forget their face coverings.

At midnight, we ride!


October Ride

Meet at Irving Park (707 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212) near the baseball diamond.

And no store stop, so bring anything you may want to consume with you.

Social distancing, masks, and don’t come if you feel sick.

At midnight, we ride!


September Ride

Due to extremely hazardous air conditions, we’re postponing this month’s ride to September 25th. See you then.

Meet at Colonel Summers Park by the tennis courts. Slow, chill speed. Masks on, bring your drinks. Socially distanced dance party at end spot.

At midnight (on the 4th Friday of the month this time), we ride.


August Ride

This month’s ride led by Corvidae Bike Club!

Meet at the fountain at the Peninsula Park Rose Garden (700 N Rosa Parks Way).

Wear a mask. Keep at least 6 feet from fellow lovers of midnight. Respect each other. If you see someone wearing a mask, don your mask before approaching. If you must take your mask off at the start and end locations to sip your beverages, keep your distance from your friends.

Last month we had new riders join us explicitly because they heard we were going to require masks. Don’t disappoint the newbies. Make MMR a safe space for all.
At midnight, we ride.



July Ride

MMR has entered Phase One of reopening with precautions in place to protect the community from Covid-19.

Meet at the west end of Laurelhurst Park by the hammock-friendly birch trees. Bring your hammock, masks and whatever layers you need.

Our ride leader respectfully requests that you wear your mask and keep your distance while socializing. There will not be a store stop or centralized bonfire at the end, but this birthday leader promises to make this a fun night!

Bring your binoculars if you want to see a Pre Birthday Omen Comet.

At midnight, we ride!


June Ride

Man. We missed posting on the blog this month because we’ve been so disoriented, which is funny, if you consider that the theme for yesterday was DAZED AND CONFUSED.

Shout out to Tink and the Civil Unrest Bicycle Club for carrying the torch and coming up with an idea for people to get out and ride, separately, but together. Here’s what she posted:

The theme this JUNE for MMR is Dazed and Confused. Since a group ride is being discouraged, we are still able to ride as individuals. Start point is a bar close to you, and we roll dice to see how many minutes we ride, and which direction we travel. (Example: Odd numbers are left, even numbers are right, if both the dice are the same number like 4 and 4, we go forward. Rolling 8 would be go right and ride for 8 minutes. Roll the dice again, 11 would be go left for 11 minutes. Our goal is to be within 1 mile of a water tower for the end spot, or a water fountain, or the river. If you get close to a park, in between make sure to stop for a few minutes. Have a drink, stop for a smoke, or howl at the moon. At midnight, we blast 70’s rock. Dress in 70’s clothes as to keep with the theme of the movie, or streak in the street to protest big oil (City of Portland only). This is a night of fun, and watch out for the Fuzz because they will surely kill your buzz!

Did you get out and ride? Where did you end up?


May Ride – Switching things up!

7 instructions given every 7 minutes from 11:53pm on. Instructions will direct riders to ride or do a task “Simon says” style. RSVP on Facebook or reply to the email Maria sent to the Shift List to receive instructions. #midnightmysteryride

Celebrating Bike Fun All Year Long

The Midnight Mystery Ride has ridden every 2nd Friday of the month for 18 years in Portland, Oregon. We rode the night we found out a dear friend of the community passed away, during Snowpocolypse one year, when the city was covered in a sheet of ice another, and even when our leader had a concussion… This month we made the decision for the first time ever not to gather and ride en masse, due to our concerns around Covid-19. It was important for us that our community stay safe and keep a distance from each other, and we couldn’t imagine a group ride that would be able to maintain an appropriate degree of precaution this month.

But, we lovers of midnight know the power of riding at night, and realize that the streets are the BEST for biking when the cars are sleeping…  so we decided to head off on individual bike rides, filming our experience, and collecting the videos to piece together to share.

We found a way to come together even when we had to keep distance.

Please enjoy this video showing several rides across the metro region, overlaid with a song made by Mark when he got home at dawn, and edited together by Jef.

Thank you all for finding ways to celebrate bike fun all year long, no matter what.



April Ride – Choose your own adventure

TONIGHT – It’s CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE night. Ride wherever you think tonight’s ride SHOULD have gone OR, if you’re not creative like that… stick a coin in your pocket and bike in one direction for 3 blocks, stop, flip the coin. Heads turn, right. Tails, left. If you hit a dead end, flip the coin again.

MOST IMPORTANTLY — Take 1-3 minutes of footage of your Midnight Mystery Ride tonight and email them to We’ll pass them on to Jef who has generously volunteered himself to edit a video short for us to share.


Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 12.01.05 PM



March Ride – Friday the 13th Edition

Tonight we’re meeting at the Jolly Roger at John’s Landing (5627 SW Kelly Ave, Portland, OR 97239).

Be kind to your leader.

No unnecessary making out with each other.

(Jason) masks encouraged.

Be safe.

At midnight, we ride!