January MMR

See you all TONIGHT at Dot’s Cafe (2521 SE Clinton St.).


Leaders for 2020 Rides

Interested in leading a 2020 MMR? We’ve got all months except for DECEMBER officially covered.

If you’d like to claim this month, please email us now!  Until we get your message at midnightmysteryridePDX@gmail.com, December is “up for grabs” by anyone…

December Ride


See you all at the Local Lounge (3536 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd) this evening, where we’ll be inside having a pint, waiting to roll at midnight.



November Ride

Hello, Lovers of Midnight!

Tonight’s ride starts at East Glisan Pizza (8001 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213).

It’s a beautiful day and we’re announcing late, so TELL YOUR FRIENDS.




October Ride

Tonight we depart from the New 715 Inn (715 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232).
Please head in to the bar before midnight and support this local watering hole.  There’s a pool table!
At midnight, we ride.

Friday the 13th Edition

Happy Friday the 13th, you lovers of midnight!  Tonight (9/13/19) we’re going to ride under a Micro Harvest Moon!

Meet at Red Fox bar (5128 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217) in time for a beverage, and then follow your leader at midnight to a mystery destination.
Your leader is looking for a bike with a boomin’ sound system, so if you have one…  come out tonight!  End spot is ideal for a dance party…
At midnight, we ride!

August Ride

Meet at The High Water Mark (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd) at 11pm.

Rollout to a camp spot 5 miles away, taking about a 10-15 Mile route to get there.

May drizzle, bring a tarp if you plan to camp.

Fire guaranteed.

TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE RIDE. It’s going to be good.

At midnight, we ride.



July Ride

Meet at My Fathers Place (523 SE Grand Ave.)
Your ride leader has promised that the pace will be slow, and the route will be freak bike disabled, and LGBTQIA2+ friendly.
Bring firewood for a fire at the end.

June Ride


Follow the mystery leader to a fun mystery destination.

This ride happens every 2nd Friday.

Tonight meet us at Hopworks N Williams Pub and Beergarden (3947 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227).

This ride will be the largest of the year.

If you’re a regular rider, please be on your best behavior; Go inside of the establishment prior to the ride to support them (there’s even a back patio!), ride with traffic in the streets, leave no trace at the end, etc…  Please also help us kindly cork the streets.

New riders — Welcome!  Please charge your phones, dust off your maps, pump up your tires, grab your front and back lights (set them to “steady” mode), and read the info below.  It’s gonna be a good night…

We ride 12 months out of the year on the second Friday of the month. We are the longest-rollin’ nighttime ride in Portland, Oregon.

Each month a new leader picks an establishment to meet at. We go inside, support the bar, and then at midnight we ride off to a mystery destination, following the leader into the dark.

::Tips for Riders::

  1. Lighten up
  2. Dress for the weather
  3. We never said it was safe

::Criteria for Ride::

  1. Must be a destination where we can sit, relax, hang
  2. Should be within 5 miles of meeting point
  3. Meeting point should be accessible, inexpensive, and should serve alcohol
  4. Unexpected and little known destinations are encouraged
  5. There must be reasonable shelter from the rain
  6. Rides occur on the second Friday of the month

At midnight, we ride!


May Ride

Join us at The Hilt (1934 NE Alberta St) this evening for the May edition of the Midnight Mystery Ride.

We encourage diehard fans to meet up tonight and figure out how you all can help make the Pedalpalooza MMR safe and fun for all.  Ask your fellow riders if they’ll be joining us in June to help cork streets, encourage people to clean up after themselves, etc.

At midnight, we ride.

See you all tonight!