April Ride

Tonight we will honor the dark majesty of the bicycle.

Ride meets at Holman’s:  15 SE 28th Ave.  Check out their killer patio in back.

The procession to the end spot will require quiet, solemn reverence.  Turn off lights and sound systems as we enter the combustion chamber.


At midnight, we ride.



March Ride

Tonight’s ride starts at the White Owl Social Club.

You have two experienced leaders for this month’s ride.  They’ve found an end spot that is covered and they have already placed pallets there for burning.  They’re already winning it for Team Midnight tonight…

We just ask that you please respect their request to turn off your lights and sound systems when you approach the end spot.  Don’t know where the end spot is, you say?  They’ll let you know.  Your role is to not be a jerk and listen to them when they slow their roll and start to say “Shhhhhhhhhh…”

And, as per usual, Team Midnight would like to encourage you to support local businesses (and not get us busted for hanging out in the streets before midnight…).  Please lock up your bikes, grab a drink inside, and enjoy one of the best back patios in Portland.

At midnight, we ride!


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February Ride

Happy MINI BIKE WINTER, everyone!

Tonight’s ride is a part of a weekend of debauchery.  You’re going to get on your bicycle tonight and not get off until after you Zoobomb on Sunday, you hear?

Find out more about what the weekend has in store for you here:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.16.15 AM


Meet us tonight at Dot’s Cafe:

2521 SE Clinton St.



At midnight, we ride.



January Ride


Tonight’s ride starts from
Club 21
2035 NE Glisan St
Cargo bikes, trailers, and big racks encouraged for collecting fire wood.

Ride should be right around 5 miles.

At midnight, we ride.


2016 MMRs

Hello, lovers of midnight and mystery!

Only two people have volunteered to lead rides in 2016, which means we have 10 open slots still — including this month.  Interested in leading a ride?  Send us a message!

December Ride

Whooooops!  We posted on Facebook, the Shift list and on the Shift calendar, but we forgot to post the ride start location here!  Our apologies to the 25 people who checked this site yesterday lookin’ for info.  Feel free to email us directly when you need more information…  Speaking of emailing us — now is the time to connect with us and tell us which month you’d like to claim for 2016.  We’ve got lots of openings, so sign up today!

November Ride

Billy Ray's Dive Bar

Tonight’s ride kicks off at Billy Ray’s Dive:  2216 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Bring cash for the bar (no cards accepted) and coins for pinball.

At midnight, we ride!