January Ride

Apex Bar


This new year brings new leaders and new mystery destinations.

We still have open months, so please let us know now if you would like to lead a ride this year.  It’s okay if you don’t know where you’ll take us, yet.  But, let’s be honest…  we’re ALWAYS scouting new bars, routes and locations.  Sometimes we make a point to try out new establishments with a sort of “Why haven’t I ever been in there before?  Maybe it would be a good new MMR start location?” mentality.  Every day for us is another chance to turn down an unfamiliar street or make a detour to see if that wide open green space we saw on the map really is accessible like we thought it might be and is totally, wildly awesome and worth sharing.

If you’re interested in leading, drop us a line.

This month your leader has chosen to meet at

1216 SE Division St.
Portland, Oregon 97202

Bring cash and don’t forget your ID.

At midnight, we ride!


Wanna join Team Midnight?

The 2015 Midnight Mystery Ride calendar is wide open!

If you are interested in leading a ride, contact us today.

You’re welcomed to claim a specific month now, or simply say “I’m interested, but don’t have a month or location in mind, yet.”

Here’s to another awesome year of bicycling adventures.

At midnight, we ride!

December Ride

Your leader this month would like to entice you with this photo.


Now listen to what he has to say…

This month’s badass ride will be worth every minute of your time. The unfathomable mysteries that will be unlocked upon completion are worth riding uphill both ways in the snow for and will see everyone: not indoors, not COLD, not stuck in the rain, and not thirsty or hungry!!! What could possibly be going on here??? The weather looks pretty good, windstorm will be gone, and temp will be decent, but wear an extra layer and a warm ass hat, then don’t worry about the cold – it won’t matter, especially at the end.

You have two jobs:
1) Bring a super weird or random ass hilarious gift. No wrong answers, but don’t spend any substantial $.
2) Dance your ass off to the music trailer or your own.

Now.  See you tonight at The Bike Commuter‘s new location:  8524 Southeast 17th Avenue


Remember, at midnight, we ride!



November Ride

Holman's Bar for Midnight Mystery Ride

Tonight we have TWO leaders.  The theme is Parks & Bridges.

Meet at Holman’s:  15 SE 28th  (SE 28th and Burnside)

At midnight, we ride!


October Ride

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.57.08 PM

See you at the Night Light Lounge tonight.

2100 SE Clinton Street

It’s your ride leader’s birthday, so be extra sweet.  Feel free to bring him a beer.  He has the popcorn covered…

At midnight, we ride….


September Ride

Slammer Tavern

The Slammer Tavern

500 SE 8th Ave
Last time we were there we had 50 fun lovin bikers dressed in various costumes and got a great photo with the owner outside, which then was framed and mounted on their wall.
We called ’em up. They are ready for a crew. Plus it’s the owner’s birthday — so bring her something nice if you’d like.

UPDATE: August Ride – Please ask your friends/check Facebook

UPDATE:  This month’s ride will depart from Cosmos Lounge:

6707 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202


Our scheduled August leader is MIA so a new member of Team Midnight stepped up to organized this month’s ride.  As of 5:30pm he has not announced the starting location.  When he is ready he will announce the starting location on the Midnight Mystery Ride Facebook page.  If you haven’t already found us on Facebook, now is a good time to do so.  If you don’t “do” Facebook, then you’re gonna have to go old school tonight and TEXT YOUR FRIENDS.  Ohhhhh the Mystery!  Now, get out there and enjoy the sun and we’ll see you at Midnight.

At midnight, we ride!