July Ride

Meet at the NE corner of Fernhill Park in the forested knoll. Look for the hammocks and bring your own for a sunrise hang.

MMR has ridden every 2nd Friday of the month for 16 years! The idea is simple: A different leader steps up every month and tells us where to meet. We gather at the location and then at midnight we follow the leader to a mystery destination. It’s a great way to discover hidden corners of the city and meet fellow night owls.

Some things to know:
* The end location is outdoors, so bring whatever you need to be comfortable, such as rain gear, sturdy shoes, and beverages.
* If you’re not familiar with the far reaches of Portland, you should bring a charged cell phone and maybe even a bike make to make your way home.
* Loud music is not appreciated by neighbors…
* Your ride leader is vaccinated, but not everyone will be. Exercise caution around people and please wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated.
* Though we don’t encourage drinking and biking, there will be people imbibing on this ride. We state this so those who wish to avoid “party rides” can seek alternative events.

For this ride we’re meeting at Fernhill Park.

Remember… At midnight, we ride!


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