December Ride

In the last few years the Dec. MMR has had 12-25 people.  Expecting low turnout due to it raining all day, and COVID-19 raging.

An adventure in December always, tonight we meet under the east side of the Hawthorne bridge near the drinking fountains and fire department facility.  Bring lots of lights and music for this utterly moist outside ride.  Overdress or shiver!

If you’ve had contagious illness symptoms of any kind whatsoever in the last 48 hrs, please respectfully skip this ride. COVID-19 is a serious threat in Portland, especially tonight.  All riders need to acknowledge this and assume that every other rider around them does NOT want to be exposed to any form of germ transmission FROM you.

To do this:

* Give plenty of space on the road in all directions to other riders, especially in front of you.

* Bring a mask or get one from the ride leader, there will be plenty available.

* Keep your mask on while you’re riding, while you’re talking, and while you have anyone in your 6′ bubble

* Never cough or sneeze or blow snot into the air that other people will be riding through.  Cover that shit up, and then don’t touch anybody.

* BYOB and CUP, snacks.

The rain should stop just in time for the ride.  Thank you for accepting these insane circumstances, and for looking after the health of your community members.


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