June Ride

Man. We missed posting on the blog this month because we’ve been so disoriented, which is funny, if you consider that the theme for yesterday was DAZED AND CONFUSED.

Shout out to Tink and the Civil Unrest Bicycle Club for carrying the torch and coming up with an idea for people to get out and ride, separately, but together. Here’s what she posted:

The theme this JUNE for MMR is Dazed and Confused. Since a group ride is being discouraged, we are still able to ride as individuals. Start point is a bar close to you, and we roll dice to see how many minutes we ride, and which direction we travel. (Example: Odd numbers are left, even numbers are right, if both the dice are the same number like 4 and 4, we go forward. Rolling 8 would be go right and ride for 8 minutes. Roll the dice again, 11 would be go left for 11 minutes. Our goal is to be within 1 mile of a water tower for the end spot, or a water fountain, or the river. If you get close to a park, in between make sure to stop for a few minutes. Have a drink, stop for a smoke, or howl at the moon. At midnight, we blast 70’s rock. Dress in 70’s clothes as to keep with the theme of the movie, or streak in the street to protest big oil (City of Portland only). This is a night of fun, and watch out for the Fuzz because they will surely kill your buzz!

Did you get out and ride? Where did you end up?


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