July Ride – Friday the 13th Edition

Jason/Friday the 13th Horror Theme!

Your leader encourages you to dress your “Jason Vorhees best.” Think… hockey masks. He also kindly requests, “Scary music only on the ride, no party musics or dubstep til the end spot.” Give a man his horror music!!

Meet at the Chill N’ Fill on 5215 N Lombard.

Bring yer growlers to get filled up for the end spot. Alternatively, buy one from the business and fill ‘er up! No beer stop cuz the start point IS THE BEER STOP!

Please note, Chill N’ Fill does close promptly at midnight, so get there early or ON TIME!

Also, please note — the start location does not have food, but you can order next door at Cha Cha Cha! and bring it in.

The route itself will be roughly 8 miles. All bikes accessible ride, no massive hill climbs.

If you have a cargo bike of any sort (trailers, included), please bring a pallet or wood, if possible.

At midnight, we ride…



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