June Ride – Pedalpalooza Edition

Happy Pedalpalooza, lovers of midnight!

Are you all ready for the biggest, wildest ride of the year?  We hope so.

First things first – we’re meeting at Hanigan’s (aka The Vern -2622 SE Belmont St).  Do.  Not.  Block.  Belmont.  Instead, muster to the East in the parking lot there.

Now – for those of you who are veterans of the ride – PLEASE BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR.  Don’t get wasted.  Demonstrate how to ride in groups (“On your left!”  “Slowing!”  “Car up!”  “POLE!!!”…)  Don’t ride in front of the leader.  Don’t pull ass moves in front of tall bikes.  Stay out of oncoming traffic.  Leave no trace.

For the newbs out there…  Do as the veterans do.  The only way we’ve gotten away with this ride for this many years is out of RESPECT and a little bit of street smarts.  If the cops show up, assume they’re there to help and let the ride leader speak to them.  Be prepared to end up some place you’ve never been before.  Bring what ever you need to be comfortable.  Sleeping bag?  Phone charger?  A case of beer?  Cash?  A map?  Cookies?

All of you – bring lights and a lock.  Keep your lights on the non-blinking setting during the ride.  Lock your bike at the end location.

And, as always, there’s no better time than the present to sign up to lead a ride in the future.  We have plenty of open months this summer, so sign up now!

At midnight, we ride…





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