August Ride

We’ve got 9.98 excruciatingly supreme miles to devour. Should take the riders around an hour or less. The route will have a few gentle ups, some worryingly fast downs, and mostly chilled out flats. Expect the route to be a wee bit technical including: potholes, streetcar tracks, sidewalks, paths, some route obstructions, total darkness, bottlenecking, dismounts, Portland’s smallest swinging luxury gate, multiple parks, two flights of stairs, and a bad ass lovely stretch where the group should be absolutely Ninja quiet to help keep the Rozzers at bay. We shall wind our way through Portland to the end point coated with history and debauchery galore. Care should be taken when locking up bikes at the end point. Nothing should be left unattended that is not locked or bolted on. After riding most everything Portland has to offer over the past 24 years, this is probably in the top 3 best rides Portland has to offer. Start point: Rogue Hall, PSU. Look for Bill Murray. If I could choose a theme, it would be Revenge of the Nerds: Alpha Betas vs. Tri-Lambs.
Rogue Hall
1717 SW Park Ave  Portland, OR 97201

At midnight, we ride.

11 responses to “August Ride

  1. Im Intrigued. 🙂

  2. Lamest ending possible, like some cruel joke. Let’s all hope this never ever happens again!
    Much love regardless

    • But wasn’t the route itself lovely?! What a treat to have a great Mystery RIDE. Team Midnight commends our leader and his willingness to try something new! Those that wanted to end by a fire on the river led themselves there after the ride concluded. Their choice of a place to hang out was no mystery, but the official ending spot certainly was. A+ to the leader who dared to switch things up a bit. We encourage those two didn’t like the end location to step up and lead a ride in the future. We promise to be kind when you lead us to someplace new and different.

  3. Tigerlily Trample

    Thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped to help me repair my tire on the ride last night. Your kindness and patience is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Tigerlily Trample

      @ Seth, next MMR, I’ve got a new patch kit for ya.

    • Not a problem! Thanks for the beer from your friend (I was the one with the pump with presta valve fitting)

      See you next MMR!

    • Were you the one who lived out way east? Wife was going to be mad about you missing last max train? Funny story…we finally left you and my SO crashed and broke her collarbone 3 blocks from our house….

      Hopefully see you again tomorrow!

      • Hah, that was me! She eventually came and picked me up downtown. Put in a final tube the next day that has held up for several weeks now. Not exactly sure how I ended up with so many flats that night, but I really appreciate everyone who loaned me tubes! I checked my tire and rim thoroughly and found no issues. I can only guess that I was doing a poor job seating the tube and kept pinch flatting. I also invested in a proper frame pump for future issues, since my little hand pump was not doing the trick. That night was just horrible all around for my bike, also had my stem clamp bolts strip during the ride, somehow, and my handlebars kept moving down every time I put weight on them. Everything is in working order, once again. Unfortunately I will be in Sacramento for the next few months so I won’t be going on any MMRs until at least November. Maybe I’ll see you then! A real bummer to hear about your SO. Hopefully her recovery is swift. Take it easy!

  4. @teammidnight While I agree the ride itself was fun (a little tour-de-Stumptown, if you will), it was also one of the most disorganized attempts at an MMR I have ever seen. The ride leader didn’t seem to know where the hell we were going at any point in time. Two notable “WTF” moments- when everyone (EVERYONE) was circling, confused, around the Southwest Waterfront business park in a total mess (making tons of noise those geriatrics down there would likely call the cops on), and then deciding the ending point was THE FREAKING CLUB DISTRICT. Many riders at the MMR have road beers and enlist in MMR’s because they are antithetical to “clubbing.” The fact that the leader led us not only to a swarm of cops, but a place where nobody could lock up safely or truly be a part of the MMR experience (bonding over a campfire, being outside, etc) was a total bummer, at best. I’m hoping you get someone who gives a damn next time.

  5. The problem with the end location was that it was crawling with cops and drunk people wandering out of strip clubs and bars wanting to take pictures with the cops. Most folks didn’t realize the ride was over until they were yelled at by the police to get off their bikes because the street was closed to vehicles.

    So yes, great ride, I really enjoyed it. The ending spot however felt like a joke that wasn’t funny. Didn’t need to end somewhere secluded, but it would have been nice not to end in a pile of cops in Oldtown on a Friday night at last call.

  6. Tigerlily, no need for patch kit, I have plenty. It was great getting you back rolling and not getting dropped from the ride.
    Hope to see you again tonight.

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