July Ride

This month’s ride leaves from

Maui’s @ 3508 N Williams Ave.

You’re in for a treat!  This ride is longer than usual.  Be prepared for a 10 mile ride.

Remember:  Summer rides are larger, so please be certain *not* to assemble outside of the bar, especially in the street.  Instead, collect yourselves in the empty parking lot across the street or head into the bar and support the local business before the ride!

Hurray for warm, summer nights.

See you tomorrow.

At midnight, we ride!




2 responses to “July Ride

  1. If you want to know what the ride is all about check out my friends blog post on last month’s ride http://destinationnotfound.com/2013/07/12/mystery-and-a-little-mischief-my-first-midnight-mystery-ride/. Of course this is shameless promotion, but it’s informative and a good read too!

  2. Consider posting next months ride to Bike Fun Finder. There are currently around 200 users of BFF. If you add the ride to the app you can set the tracking to not allowed if you like. People could still find the starting location and then if you wanted to post the updated end location you could with one click… or not. Keep portland Bike curious!

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