June Ride – @ Marathon Taverna on WEST Burnside


The Midnight Mystery Ride happens EVERY MONTH.  If this is going to be your first ride–WELCOME!  Please read this before your join us:  midnightmysteryride.wordpress.com/about

A few tips:

  • If you’re not used to riding in groups, alcohol is *not* going to help
  • Nobody likes an a-hole.  If you see someone being inappropriate on the ride, please intervene
  • Corking *is* encouraged, so please help keep the ride flowing
  • Bring a bike map–you may not know where you end up
  • Don’t swerve or stop abruptly in front of anybody, especially those riding tall bikes
  • Pick up after yourself

The ride this month is leaving from the Marathon Taverna:  1735 WEST Burnside

Please do not amass on Burnside.  Go inside the bar or hang out quietly on a side street/parking lot before midnight.

At midnight, we ride!



2 responses to “June Ride – @ Marathon Taverna on WEST Burnside

  1. WEST! Marathon Taverna is at 1735 WEST Burnside, downtown.

  2. Fantastic ride! If anyone has found a blue pannier with a 107ist patch I would love to get it back! I think I left it somewhere in the cemetery. Please shoot me an email if you have it! Thanks.

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