june ride

happy pedalpalooza!

tonight is sure to be the largest ride of the year!

grab your rain coat, some (warm?) beverages, and a tarp to sleep
under, kids, ’cause we’re leaving from st. johns tonight!

meet us at
the fixin’ to
8218 north lombard street

please do NOT block the streets prior to the ride.  if you arrive
early, park your bike and head inside the bar.

once the bar and parking lot are full, start mustering in the empty
lot across the street.

remember–this may be some peoples’ FIRST MMR.
don’t be afraid to (politely) inform people to
–not be jerks
–quiet down in residential areas
–cork, when needed
–get out of the way of tall bikers
–clean up their own messes
–turn their lights off at the end location.

we look forward to seeing you out tonight.

at midnight, we ride.



2 responses to “june ride

  1. Hey we are from wa and won’t get in town till 9, anyone know where we can get bikes that late…legally 🙂

  2. Just moved here for the summer from MN. Had a really great time at the MMR, and it was a fantastic introduction to Portland biking. Looking forward to the rest of Pedalpalooza. Anyone know about how many people came?

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