may ride

tonight’s ride leaves from

suki’s @ 2401 sw 4th


when you arrive–come inside the bar!  the less people outside before midnight, the better.  

please do not line up in the streets before midnight.


at midnight, we ride!




5 responses to “may ride

  1. Anything i need to bring?

    • drinks and snacks to share with your new friends are always welcome, but really… just bring your jacket, lights, a map (if you’re new to town), and your ID so you can get into the bar at the start! see you tonight.

  2. I am getting the impression that this is an overnight camping trip. Shame this information ( the Camping portion) was mentioned at least a bit earlier since it would have allowed me to get adequate baby sitter coverage.

    • It’s a mystery ride to a mystery location. People are always welcome to stay all night if they’d like. They can also go home whenever they’d like. A tarp to sleep under was just a reminder that it’s gonna be a drizzly night and those who don’t desire to bike home before dawn ought to be prepared.

  3. was *not

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