august ride

tonight’s ride leaves from

wait for it…

club twelve 22.


see you all at 3530 north vancouver avenue.

your leader recommends you bring a blanket.

at midnight, we ride.



4 responses to “august ride

  1. no bike racks, and a huge No Loitering sign… sounds welcoming… they’ll love us!

    bring a blanket, eh? sounds like a river destination…

  2. That’s one large no loitering sign

  3. From the leader:

    Twelve 22 has been contacted and are excited to have us. “No loitering outside” has long been the respectful and smart thing to do pre-MMR. However I spoke with the club and they say it is okay to wait around outside, even in the field next to the bar. (Since there are no bike racks).
    No need to stress about the location, it will be fun and different, as will the ride to the destination and the destination itself.

    River destination? Pfff you’re Loco!

    At midnight, we ride.

  4. Let’s get a group photo under the sign!

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