june ride

happy pedalpalooza!

this month’s ride starts at the copper rooster.

5827 e burnside.


you’ll TOTALLY have enough time to make it from bike smut to the  rooster.

reminders:  it’s going to be a big ride tonight.  please remember to stay off the street before midnight.  we’d prefer if you came in the bar.  riding drunk is illegal.  if you need further tips, check out our “about” page.

at midnight, we ride!




2 responses to “june ride

  1. Hey just saw you guys ride by last night. I was comin out to my car and everyone turned right by me when i was gettin in. i didnt know what was goin on.. Looks like alot of fun though.. even though everyone in my home was woken up it was still a sight to see. i might have to participate next time.. does anyone know how many people were there last night?

    • we counted over 400. so glad you enjoyed our presence! we look forward to having you join us this month! (and remember, we ride every month of the year, so if this month doesn’t work, you can certainly join us for another!)

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