may ride

ride starts at bradley’s bar & grill 11995 N center ave, hayden island

are you ready for this month’s “adventure edition” of MMR?

here’s what your leader wants to say:

Hello fellow intrepid insomniac souls.

This month’s MMR will push the limits of the traditional levels of Midnight, Mystery, and Riding.
We’re going CAMPING! Furthermore, we’re going someplace you probably don’t want to take your sw8t fixay or crabon fibre triathalon bike.
There will be darklogs and bright lights.
Long nights and sunrise sights.
A guest appearance by something that floats.
A stove for coffee and meal of oats.
Or bacon if you prefer – a much better hangover cure.
BUT! Your job is not to just show up. We request of you these things:
  1. Bright headlight
  2. Fat(ish) Tires
  3. Tent, sleeping bag, pad
  4. Water
  5. Plenty of booze
  6. Snacks to share, and breakfast to cook
  7. Your own utensils, plate, and coffee mug
  8. If you don’t plan on spending the night, a GPS and team of sherpas.
at midnight, we ride!

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