january ride

your leader tonight promises to take you to a place you’ve never been (on an MMR).

she also promises a dance party.

who’s game?

5th quadrant.
3901 N williams ave


4 responses to “january ride

  1. bajeesus, that was big. i counted 133 bikers as we got ready to cross the broadway bridge.

    great job leader, thanks to the cops who were pretty cool, “we really dont care about you drinking, we just hope you clean up after yourself. We are obligated to respond to noise complaints.”

    and thanks to Tom and Eric who found our pallet sleigh!

  2. Great ride! Good turnout for a rare and amazingly warm break from our usual January weather. Thanks to everyone for a fun night.

    I made it home somehow without my stainless steel water bottle. It’s got a sparkly red stripe around the top and a ZooBomb sticker. Post here or in the lost&found on the ZooBomb forum. Reward!

  3. Hi. Will there be a February ride?

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