november ride

hello, MMRians!

so sorry to post late in the day.

ride starts at the queen of hearts.

it’s a biker bar!

5501 SE 72nd ave.

(and it’s your leader’s birthday!)




(below is a note from tonight’s leader)


Hi folks.

Seeing as tonight’s ride starts at SE 72nd and Harold, it should come as no surprise that we’ll be leaving the land of the greenway and Prius.  Also: it will be cold.  Keep both of these fact in mind when evaluating a) whether or not to go and b) what to wear.
A few things to note:
-Queen of Hearts is a “biker bar.”  That’s the OTHER kind of biker.  Be friendly.  Two wheels good.  Four wheels bad.  The bar also has a great juke box and burgers.
-Let’s try to keep this ride classy and acoustic.  Leave the jammybox at home and shut the hell up while we ride through quiet neighborhoods (ninjas not pirates).
-No corking.  I’m not anti-corking.  I’m just not down with corking on streets where people don’t give a shit about your drunk ass standing in the middle of the road next to a tall bike.  Take responsibility for your own actions.  Don’t be sheep.  Don’t cork.
-We’re not going to a fire-friendly spot, but there will be coverage from rain.  Warm clothing and drinks are a good idea.
-Acoustic live tunage for our destination is encouraged.
See you tonight!

One response to “november ride

  1. Many thanks to all who made the trek last night. I know I was a bit gruff at the start and I failed to thank you all as a group for being hearty and up for adventure. The whining-to-fun ratio was at an all-time low. The hot drinks were tasty. The fire was resourcefully built. The newcomers were fun and friendly. The reuben at Tina’s Corner was divine.

    Great work, Team Midnight.

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