money collected and memories made

hello riders!

just wanted to thank people who donated to the gentleman whose mirror was knocked off during the june mmr.  4 people were kind enough to donate $5 each.  in the end we collected a mere $37.  team midnight has pooled our funds and we are going to cut the guy a $50 check.  hope those that did donate are patting themselves on their backs (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) and those that didn’t donate will appreciate those that did.

also–this was found at and forwarded to us by a fellow rider:

Two New Columbia residents, Egbevado and Charles, told us about how they saw and jumped in on the Midnight Mystery ride. They didn’t know what it was at the time, but they found the lure of 300 riders at 1 am irresistible. Their tale of accidentally joining in on bike fun and ending up in a golf course, under sprinklers, with 300 strangers, had everyone chuckling.

rock on, mmr.

4 responses to “money collected and memories made

  1. bikes rule

  2. $37/300= 12 cents per participant. Sorry, that’s like an entire swig of PBR. If the good will of MMR is not worth at least your pocket change, I guess you really don’t want to keep riding.


  3. peejay, it truly is sad that more people couldn’t even shell out $1…

    we brought 5 riders in our group this last time so it was only fitting that we gave $5 to help keep the good name of the MMR…

    I hoped that it helped that since everybody was already dancing around the glow of our blue lights that we rallied support for donations before we had to leave…

    MMR team, thanks for making up the difference…

    I think next time this happens we should bring a cooler of PBR and have a fundraiser sale…

    here’s a quick video of the dance party that erupted by us…

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