august ride

this month’s ride starts at:

the alibi

4024 n interstate ave

this month’s leader says that those who want to “belt out some tunes and drink some drinks” should come early!

your leader also says,
“please wear that helmet.  it would suck if you ruined our fun by dying.”

and here’s a little additional tip:  this ride is a bit longer than the typical MMR.  if you don’t like long rides, you don’t have to come.  but if you DO, we look forward to seeing you!

also–a member of team midnight will be on the scene tonight collecting donations to repay the guy whose mirror was knocked off on the june ride.  bring a few extra bucks if you can.


4 responses to “august ride

  1. Is tonight gonna be pretty skate friendly …or just alot of up hill

  2. I love a longer ride… the wife does not… I already had to talk her into going as far as NoPo from our outer SE house with a break at 39th and 28th (booze)… so I’ll just try to forget to mention that this ride will be longer… (:


    oh crap, is she reading this?! damn!

  3. Loved the ride, loved the slip-n-slide destino, loved the fantastic warm night as payoff for the too-hot day. Those daytime people miss out on a whole other world!

  4. the whole golf course thing threw us all for a loop… the sprinklers were hilarious… was that intentional?

    here’s a quick video of the dance party that erupted by us…

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