july ride

hello midnight riders!

ready for a beautiful ride through our incredible city tonight with our experienced and totally excited leader?


meet at:

billy ray’s dive – 2216 NE MLK.

the leader has assured us that the route is fun and freak-bike friendly.

you are encouraged to “bring friends, bring music, byob.”


you are encouraged to bring CASH because somebody on the june MMR hit the mirror off of a parked car.  it cost the guy $170 to replace the mirror.  your leader tonight will be collecting cash to pay the guy back.

thanks for caring


see you all tonight!



3 responses to “july ride

  1. it was my first one and was awesome… loved being in a big group with unknown destination… I’ll be doing more of these…

    love the choice of path next to 405 at the start cuz it really freaked people out thinking that we were going to ride ON 405… hehe!

  2. FunFunFun! Sorry for the late comment but the July ride was a lot of fun, and it seemed like everyone had a blast! Thank you for a fun ride, and than k you to the organizers!

  3. Is There a ride happening in August? Its a great month to be riding through the streets care free and hundreds deep.

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