june ride

happy pedalpalooza, friends!

this month’s ride will leave at midnight from

The Trap

3805 SE 52nd Ave.

–please come into the bar if get there more than 5 mins before midnight.

–please ask people if you don’t know what “corking” is.  we will need you to cork.

–please don’t complain.

–please read the “about” page if this is your first MMR (or you never have bothered to read it before).

we look forward to seeing you all!



9 responses to “june ride

  1. Sound trailers welcome?

  2. Hey, just wanted to thank you guys for taking off my driver’s side mirror while riding down Woodstock and then just taking off, that was awesome of you.

  3. Stephanie miller

    Hi, it’s THE TRAP,
    Just wanted to thank you all for coming in tonite, what a great crowd!! Just wanted to offer a few suggestions for future rides that would enhance everyone’s experience:

    Just a few hints to make it quicker to whip out the drinks so everyone can have a great time and party…
    Hope to see ya’ll again soon, alone or on bike… especially the guy with the great funk tracks playing off the back of the bike… that was cool.

    • thanks for the message, The Trap! we here at team midnight agree that all of those tips should be kept in mind every month. this member of team midnight makes an effort to roll by the bar and introduce herself to staff in person about a week before the ride. always helpful. so glad you enjoyed the crowd despite the surprise.

  4. I had a blast leading the ride and glad everything on the ride went smoothly.

    I’d guess the ride was around 300+. It was about a 4 mile ride at chill pace. The end location was a spot along the i205 bike path near Johnson Creek. There were about 8 sound system bikes which is a little much for an MMR and glad everybody was cool with how the end location worked with sound. Thanks to everybody that kept the party in a tight spot so we didn’t annoy any neighbors. Want to give a shout out to Diablo for bringing his sound and light trike.

  5. this just posted on bikeportland.org by another chris: Seeing the Mystery Night Ride outside my window on SE 52nd Ave in Woodstock made my night! Bring on the 50’s bikeway! That is my kind of traffic, swarms of colorfully lit bikes!

  6. I left a blue laptop bag at the event. So far it hasn’t turned up. Inside was a blue water bottle. If it turns up anywhere please help it make it’s way back to me. Thanks in advance…

  7. Accidents can and will happen when 300+ ride at midnight. Next time you take out someone’s side mirror or front tooth, take ownership of your liability and be a gentleman/woman MMR. Since we don’t carry insurance on our bikes, in most cases such an accident will be covered by our homeowners/renters insurance policy.

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