claim a month!

hello fellow lovers of the MMR!

we have the next few months lined up (hurrah!) but there’s always the next few months after that to fill…

like august, september, october…

want to lead a ride?  we recommend you

1)  go on a ride first (we have some great ones ready for you this summer!)

and then

2)  read the “about” section to have a better understanding of the guidelines and process for signing up.

we look forward to seeing you on the pedalpalooza MMR!


p.s.  we’ve added a new feature for you!  subscribe to our RSS feed and you won’t have to obsessively check and re-check this site to see if we’ve posted the ride location!  you can get an announcement sent to you automatically!  (you’re welcome.)


2 responses to “claim a month!

  1. the june ride is two days away but no info…sheesh. too secret for me

    • don’t forget to read the “about” page, garyaker. june, july, august, september. doesn’t matter the month–we always announce the ride on the friday of the ride. if it’s too secret, there are 276 other rides listed for this month with more predictable starting and ending destinations. we love the rides that keep us on our toes!

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