may ride location!

well.  our superstar ride leader had to bow out to ride to the coast.  GAH.  i guess we should be happy this person didn’t decide to take us with, eh?

in their place you get a very excited member of team midnight.

here’s what your new leader has to say:

hurrah!  i get to lead an MMR tonight!  and you get to follow me to a great little spot that i’ve never been to before with you.


are you excited?

what if i told you i want to meet you at
roosters pub?
it’s a biker bar!
but…  i can promise they’ve NEVER seen as many cyclists as we’ll show them tonight…
they do see a LOT though…
it’s quite a bar.
naked ladies, a bar dog (as in…  a dog that sits ON the bar!), and peanuts you can eat out of old whiskey barrels and toss the shells onto the floor.  ha!
never been?  well.  it’s @
605 N columbia blvd

don’t ever want to go?  well…  you have to.  it’s where we’ll be leaving from at MIDNIGHT
if you would rather meet up BEFORE you hit columbia blvd with some friends and, say, eat some AWESOME food, maybe you could meet at
javier’s taco shop
121 N lombard
and then ride down to meet us at 11:30pm at roosters.  dig?

i recommend good shoes (like…  nothing too cute or with holes or heels…)
affix extra blinky lights to yer body/bike.

(a blanket might be nice, too)


4 responses to “may ride location!

  1. man FUCK!!!! i made this website my homepage and everytime i open a browser window it pops up so that i would know when it was because i could never figure out which solid day it was! then i finally open my browser for today and read its going on as i sit there wholly crapcicles… i should beeeee on that ride. i could be im just sitting here. but nooooo. oh well. what day is it everymonth so i can know for the next one…

  2. oh, there it is, second friday of the month, im a loser. but next month i’ll win with you guys.

  3. how come there arent any more recent rides? february was a while ago!

    • hmmm. we don’t know why that is. we asked The Experts and they all see the most recent posts. they recommend maybe you try and refresh your browser. good luck and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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