february ride

this month’s ride leader insists that this will be “a particularly adventurous MMR.” therefore, lights, helmets, rain gear, and a “thrill-seeking behavior” are encouraged.

the ride will start at scandals, 1038 sw stark.

the ride leader believes it’s the 7th anniversery of the MMR and MinBikeWinter (MBW). could it be true?

if so, bring cake!

what’s MBW?


4 responses to “february ride

  1. It is very important to be noted that this month’s MMR riders really need to be wearing HELMETS and have lights. HELMETS especially. helmets are always important but this month more so than most. please wear a helmet.

  2. +1 to leah.

    Please wear a helmet. This is coming from a rider who almost never wears one.

  3. the ride meets at Scandals, 1038 sw Stark.

    be prepared for the most dangerous, terrifying ride of your life!! we’ll be riding through a pit of angry cobras, while carrying a nest of Africanized Bees, blindfolded, ON FIRE!!!

    also, you may get wet, and you may have Fun.

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