december ride

meet at the corner spot, n greeley & ainsworth at 11.
come in, get warm, have a drink – they’re real friendly. don’t loiter out in the cold.

at midnight we ride.



3 responses to “december ride

  1. gabe started one here that went to Smith and Bybee lakes. Boy Shawn hijacked my flask. That’s all I remember.

  2. that shit was awsome! walking on poo river like a scat jesus. thanks yalls!

  3. I just have to express my amazement for Esther and Timo.
    Not only did they get up and out in 15 degree weather (not including bridge wind chill) to offer caffeine and pastrification to the hardy bike commuters out there, but then as if that wasn’t enough. Esther schlepped copious amounts of firewood and a woodstove out for the MMR way up along the frozen Columbia Slough.
    If there was in fact such a thing as too much bike fun, these two are definitely pushing the boundary.
    big thanks

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