you guys are awesome.

wow. way to step it up a notch, 2009! we here at team midnight can’t wait to see what happens this coming year! we’ve had more themed rides this year than ever! we are very proud.

your leader has two requests:

1) that people bring canned food. (not for him or us. for people hungrier than we are–and we are very hungry.) don’t worry! you won’t have to carry the cans all the way on the ride. your leader cares about you and your drunken carrying capabilities, so he will collect the food goodies at the bar and will deliver the goods to The People. so don’t be sheisty!
2) if someone has a kickball, they should bring it. (see? mundayfunday isn’t dead, zoobombers! and it CAN happen outside of colonel summers park—errrr… assuming the ride doesn’t end there… hey, it’s a mystery!)

and one suggestion:

wear “sensible” shoes.

starting location to follow. be ready for it friday.



4 responses to “you guys are awesome.

  1. Is there such a thing as a glow-in-the-dark kickball? Because if yes, well then, someone should bring one.

  2. a big glowing bouncy ball would be super fun – we could kick it while riding!

  3. Is that the Mellissa WITH WHOM I SHARE A BIRTHDAY?
    Wait, that sounds a little weird. But yeah. Is it?

  4. so itchy for a ride, so itchy. want to get riding now.

    glow sticks.

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