october ride

lucky devil lounge at 633 se powell.
be warned:
it’s a strip club. this warning may mean to you that you need to bring extra $1 bills tonight or that you may not want to arrive too early due to your feelings on the state of women in society… no matter your stance—we’ll see you at midnight. remember: wear your costumes and ride your freakiest bike. this month’s leader is queen of freak bike fall. learn more here: http://freakbikefall.blogspot.com/

(and if you have the energy tomorrow dress up again for the ride leaving at 6:30pm from the west side of the steel bridge. best costume/bike pair win fun prizes and get to put their hottt bike on display alongside some of the best handmade bikes in the nation!  we may not be leaving at midnight, but we promise just as much revelry and post ride merriment.)


2 responses to “october ride

  1. so where were these “professional photographers”? did i spent four hours licking my pelt for NUFFIN?

  2. thanks to you, emily, people who now google search “freakiest strip club portland” find our site. awesome.

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