august ride

we have a leader. but we are here to tell you–we recommend you start your evening out at milepost 5. just plan on starting there. 6pm. 900 NE 81st ave.  free music!  tons of art (by our friends).  go early so you have time to make it to the *actual* starting location which is not at NE 81st.

as usual, meet at 11 at the bar and ride at midnight.
this month’s bar is:

kenton club
2025 n kilpatrick street
fun features:  live band and back patio

please don’t hang out on the streets.  if you don’t dig the music,
head over to the dancing bear until 11:59…

suggestions for what to bring on this ride:
–sleeping bag and tent if you don’t mind a little rain
–containers to hold blackberries

suggestions for what not to bring on this ride:
–sound systems
–tall bikes.  if you bring your tall bike we will have to request that
you walk a large part of the ride.  this month’s leader is a member of the all ladies tall bike gang.  it pains her to say it, but–“just leave your tall bike at home.”
please inform your tall-bike riding friends.

see you tonight!



One response to “august ride

  1. what a great night! felt like one of the oldschool MMRs… everyone sitting in a circle around a fire. jiffy pop and other treats passed around (all the way around!). what a bunch of troopers–we made it all the way to vancouver washington… i’ll never forget turning around and seeing all of the riders stopped on the north side of the bridge, hesitant to continue on. way to rock it! such faith. and thanks to all who took our warning to heart–that riding a tall bike was not recommended. hope somebody ended up picking some of those blackberries.

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