August Ride

We’ve got 9.98 excruciatingly supreme miles to devour. Should take the riders around an hour or less. The route will have a few gentle ups, some worryingly fast downs, and mostly chilled out flats. Expect the route to be a wee bit technical including: potholes, streetcar tracks, sidewalks, paths, some route obstructions, total darkness, bottlenecking, dismounts, Portland’s smallest swinging luxury gate, multiple parks, two flights of stairs, and a bad ass lovely stretch where the group should be absolutely Ninja quiet to help keep the Rozzers at bay. We shall wind our way through Portland to the end point coated with history and debauchery galore. Care should be taken when locking up bikes at the end point. Nothing should be left unattended that is not locked or bolted on. After riding most everything Portland has to offer over the past 24 years, this is probably in the top 3 best rides Portland has to offer. Start point: Rogue Hall, PSU. Look for Bill Murray. If I could choose a theme, it would be Revenge of the Nerds: Alpha Betas vs. Tri-Lambs.
Rogue Hall
1717 SW Park Ave  Portland, OR 97201

At midnight, we ride.

July Ride

This month’s ride leaves from

Maui’s @ 3508 N Williams Ave.

You’re in for a treat!  This ride is longer than usual.  Be prepared for a 10 mile ride.

Remember:  Summer rides are larger, so please be certain *not* to assemble outside of the bar, especially in the street.  Instead, collect yourselves in the empty parking lot across the street or head into the bar and support the local business before the ride!

Hurray for warm, summer nights.

See you tomorrow.

At midnight, we ride!



June Ride – @ Marathon Taverna on WEST Burnside


The Midnight Mystery Ride happens EVERY MONTH.  If this is going to be your first ride–WELCOME!  Please read this before your join us:

A few tips:

  • If you’re not used to riding in groups, alcohol is *not* going to help
  • Nobody likes an a-hole.  If you see someone being inappropriate on the ride, please intervene
  • Corking *is* encouraged, so please help keep the ride flowing
  • Bring a bike map–you may not know where you end up
  • Don’t swerve or stop abruptly in front of anybody, especially those riding tall bikes
  • Pick up after yourself

The ride this month is leaving from the Marathon Taverna:  1735 WEST Burnside

Please do not amass on Burnside.  Go inside the bar or hang out quietly on a side street/parking lot before midnight.

At midnight, we ride!


May Ride

Tonight’s Midnight Mystery Ride leader is a long time MMR enthusiast.


So let’s gather at one of his haunts tonight to celebrate and then follow him into the night!

The Vern

2622 SE Belmont St


At midnight, we ride!




MMR Leaders Interviewed on Sprocket Podcast

Tune in around 21 mins into this interview for a chance to hear two Midnight Mystery Ride leaders get interviewed by the Sprocket Podcast crew!  Well done, everyone!

Listen here

April Ride

This month’s MMR is starting at

Velo Cult:  1969 NE 42nd

Be sure to head there a  early to buy a beer and celebrate with Halley, Team Midnight’s April birthday girl!

At midnight, we ride.


First Time Leaders Doin’ It Right

The leaders of March’s ride posted a lovely piece about their ride!  See their post below:

Keep Portland Bike-Curious!

Keep Portland Bike-Curious!
 The Midnight Mystery Ride offers an opportunity to lead
cyclists to new explorations in ideas, rides and locations by bike.


It’s 11a on a Wednesday at PDXK Productions in January and there is a mystery being built.

We just didn’t know it at the time.


Dan this is rad!”

I am holding a throwback to 1967, the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour record cover and, having never heard the album in its entirety, I am rather amused by the psychedelic attributes of the cover coupled with the animal costumes.

“Yeah, I don’t want it anymore.  You can have it or I will just toss it,” he replies.

I pause and the thought balloon appears above my head.

“You know Dan…”  I pause, letting the thoughts collect in the balloon, “It would be really great if I did an MMR based off the Magical Mystery Tour.”

“What?”  suddenly Dan’s interest is peaked and he protests, “Not without me!”

He proceeds to share with me about this particular album and the musical influence it had on him.

I was inspired and he was inspired, and so, we decided to build a mystery.

Truth be told, I mmmthad never led a Midnight Mystery Ride, or any other major rides in Portland, Oregon.

What I did know from the beginning conversations is that we were going to do it better, bolder and reinvest new love into a ten-year-old mystery.

We started building a mystery.

The idea was to make a remixed version of the classic Beatles album.

What if the Beatles did their tour on bicycles instead of by bus?

What songs would capture the psychedelic experience given by the Magical Mystery Tour?

Questions streamed and the inspiration turned into pure motivation to create something wondrous, mysterious, magical.  This was going to be insanely great.

Schedules were coordinated and an email was loaded, readied and fired off to the Team Midnight.

Confirmed and coordinated, we prepared to ride at Midnight on the second Friday in March.

Costumes were themed,  playlists were imagined,  routes were rode and somewhere a graphic, website and video were created.

It was time to ride the ride and lead the bikes to the sacred awesome midnight mystery location.

It’s 11p on that Friday, the second Friday of every month.  This is our month.

I am nervous, tense and had a gut full of rising excitement.  I arrive to a sound system beating on the backside of BaseCamp with beats that cause me to shake my booty a bit.

I am reassured by my friends, Dan in particular that I simply need to keep calm and carry on.

It’s a bit past midnight.  We wait and build up the mystery a little longer until the excitement reaches a climax.

“Welcome to the Midnight Mystery Ride,”  I announce over the crowd, “We want to do things a bit different tonight.  We have two leaders.  I am the Walrus Coo Coo Kachu!
There will be another Walrus tonight.  I hope you enjoy the ride.”  The reaction is positive and I smile, continuing my announcement, “And if you can do it better, then do it better!  Let’s ride.”

I roll south on SE 7th and the crowd follows me.  Excited riders push ahead of me, glancing back from time to time to ensure that they are going the right direction.  Future MMR Leaders, I muse to myself.

At the entrance to Springwater Corridor I stop and get off my bike.

“I am no longer the Walrus!  You have a new Walrus.”


Dan gets up next to me and shouts loudly, “I am the Walrus Coo Coo Kachu! I am the Walrus Coo Coo Kachu!”

Dan mounts his Disco Trike and the crowd starts to follow him.

They get it.  Good.

I relax and roll to a crawling pace, no longer required to lead the cycling many.

After a brief pause at the end of the trail we cross over the Sellwood Bridge and head north.

We arrive at the end location, a swampy beach marshland with a scenic view of the rising lit downtown glowing on the Willamette.

_MG_7035We scramble to our hidden stash of firewood and Dan asks for help hauling the load.

Music keeps pace with the mood for the night and soon we are in the light of the fire sharing smiles, beers and stories.

The night fades away and we soon wander home.

It’s good to enjoy a monthly mystery.


Do it Better, Portland.
If you want to keep Portland Bike-Curious & lead a MMR visit



Walrus Leaders At Leisure.  Dan & Zed enjoy the wonders of their end location amongst friends.

Images generously provided by Ryan Ramage of RL Ramage Interactive Media.